Return Policy

The merchandise for which a return is requested must meet the following requirements:
The time elapsed from the reception of the package will be, as a general rule, less than 48 hours.
The return of those products supplied “under special order, requested by the customer” will not be accepted.
Spare parts and accessories considered expendable or consumable are expressly excluded from the warranty: Headphones or microphones, batteries, covers, laser optics and similar items, as well as transportation costs.
Likewise, breakdowns or breakages caused by accident, mistreatment, improper use, manipulation by personnel other than our Technical Service, cleaning with inappropriate products, spillage of liquids, proximity to sources of excessive heat or similar conditions are excluded from the guarantee.
Returns of flex cables or batteries are not accepted. There will be no payments, returns or exchanges of parts or electronic components that may be damaged by electrostatic discharges, improper handling or are consumable components such as: Screens, Displays, LCDS, Digitizers, Flex Circuits, Batteries, Integrated Circuits, SMD Components. The free hands are not collected, for reasons of hygiene.
Mobile phone spare parts, such as SCREENS, DIGITALIZERS, FLEX, BATTERIES are susceptible to wear and tear and have a fluctuating price in the market since they are continuously fluctuating, so they are excluded from the right of withdrawal .

The maximum storage period from the resolution of its return will be 6 months , after this period without receiving notification from the client, the material will be recycled , thus losing the right of a subsequent claim.

Returned Merchandise Requirements
The return has been authorized by the Warranty Department.
The assigned Return Number must be visible on the outside of the package.
The shipped merchandise must be accompanied by the Return Authorization.
The original packaging must be in perfect conditions of sale.
The time elapsed since the Return Authorization does not exceed 7 calendar days.

Replacement warranty
Ovisat is an online store in which 90% of its products are spare parts for electronic repairs that are used to replace the originals in machines or equipment that, due to daily use, have suffered deterioration or a breakdown. These spare parts do not have a guarantee, since they are spare parts that can break down when installed in a damaged unit. You have 48 hours to contact us in the event that the purchased part does not work. This is the only replacement warranty to which you are entitled.

Conditions for returning items with a special price for quantity
Returns for right of withdrawal:

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal in a pack of products with a special price for quantity, it is necessary to return all the units purchased under that promotion, likewise, all the units must be in perfect condition, both aesthetic and functional, canceling the return. if any of them have any kind of damage.

Returns for malfunctions:

In cases where any of the parts purchased within the pack of products with a special price for quantity, malfunctions, a unit will be sent to replace the defective unit when the latter arrives at our facilities and check that it does not shows no damage.

If an agreement is not reached regarding the replacement of the defective part, the value of the product will be paid with the applied promotion. That is, the total price of the products divided by the number of products.

manufacturer warranty
The purchase of finished products such as machines, tools, mobile phones, consumer electronics , in our store has the official guarantee offered by each manufacturer, of 2 years. Once the order is received, you have fifteen days to make the return.

This warranty does not cover or pay for damages or defects resulting from modifications, manipulations or adjustments that may be made to the product. This warranty will not apply if the serial number of the product has been altered, erased, is missing or is illegible.

repair guarantee
Defective merchandise (not replacement) may be returned with our prior approval . The deadline to claim is 15 days from the date of the order. Please, remember that in case of returns of any kind, the original packaging (commercial type) must be in perfect condition, not admitting the return and the customer must bear the return costs, if this condition is not met. Before sending any defective products, you must contact us.
Expendable products do not have a guarantee (Displays, Digitizers, batteries, chargers, flex, speakers, etc.) and therefore, we do not collect them.
No return will be accepted due to poor handling by the customer. .
Tampering with or variation of any welded product, wiring, added components or other causes will void the warranty. Before sending any defective product, you must make an RMA from the web. Remember that it is your responsibility to check the material in the first 2 days after receiving it. It will be answered as soon as possible, with detailed instructions for sending. For any questions that may arise before and after purchasing a product in our store, we have a team of professionals ready to help you with whatever you need, who can advise you on which is the best choice or what should be done in any problem that appears.